Double Date

June 20, 2016, by Unknown

A week ago Lea and husband came to Singapore for a short honeymoon trip and looks like they had a great time here. She's just the sweetest a few weeks before planning her trip, she was already nudging and informing me that she'll be coming to Singapore and she would like us to have dinner together. I told her that's great and I was hoping that I wouldnt take too much of her precious time since it's like her mini honeymoon. 
At the same time, Jue was going to be in Johor with her family for a few days as well, so why not all of us have a nice dinner together. There was so much excitement planning for the dinner though I was pretty busy with planning my niece's party and juggling other things at the same time. 
I needed little break.

Unfortunately on the day of the dinner, Jue had some unforeseen problems with the transportation arrangements and couldnt make it. The dinner became a spontaneous double date which turned out pretty amazing too!
The guys talking about cameras, soccer and marvel heroes and us ranting about life and of course clothes! hehe.
It slipped my mind that most cafes are closed on Mondays and I was so glad that Fika is one of the cafes that's open that day! Phew! We had grilled chicken, baked salmon and some wraps, oh my somehow they tasted really good that day.

Desserts is a must, so we got ourselves a warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream. Looking at this while im fasting, wrong move Dali. Haha! Sadly we had to gobble our food down because fika closes at 10pm but thank goodness that we're in Arab street and there's a number of Middle East eateries that closes really late. So here we are hanging out chatting and without realising it was almost 12am!
Time flies and it's always so much fun with these two!

Lea's camera lens is as big as my whole camera! I'm amazed with your husband's commitment Lea!
Turkish mint tea for 4 of us but the guys still sneakily brought in their teh tarik and it's hidden away.

Aww, we're in yellow! Such a coincidence! Forever so pretty my Malaysian sister.

I'm a huge fan of yellow and it's my ultimate favourite colour. I'm got so ecstatic knowing that Zolace has a lovely shade of yellow in their scarf collection and a pair of pants that was as lovely! Knowing that the prints on the pants we navy, I told myself that I needed a navy top to match. Zolace has it as well! Isnt that great! So easy and convenient. 

Yellow is such a happy colour!

Love the little flare sleeves!

An easy breeze, fuss free, casual wear for a night out with some friends!

When a dear friend happens to be in town for a short getaway, you don't think you just go meet her right away. I am so glad we did this, a nice dinner and a great short catching up session.xx

With Love,
Dalillah Ismail


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