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June 23, 2016, by Unknown

In the midst of us juggling our daily routine of ibadah, work and household chores (cooking, laundry, spring cleaning...) in this holy month of Ramadhan. I guess it wouldn't hurt to start looking and survey for new clothes, shoes, make up and bags this Eid.
Well, if you're thinking about getting a tailor or custom made baju kurungs at this point of time...  I highly advice you to scrape that idea off. It'll be a dramatic moment if your kurung can't be ready in time, unless you are really on buddy terms with the tailor aunty and she can pull some strings for you, why not giving it a shot! Anyway, i'm sure you know that there's a huge variety of readily made pieces that you can purchase online with just a click away.

This brings me to my first Eid look and with hopes that i'll be able to upload and share with you my various Eid looks, purchases on a daily basis.
So remember to keep clicking on that refresh button! xx

Feast your eyes on these gorgeous chunky detailing on this A line dress by Emma Rachman and you don't have to worry about accessorising because those beading got it covered.
Most importantly it's made with sleeves that is ablution friendly!

Paired it with my comfiest pair of heels from Christy Ng. These babes will last you all day, say goodbye blisters and tired feet!

An epitome of femininity and poised this one right here, not me but the dress! hehe.

An ivory scarf could actually work but I have decided on a blue piece to match the beadings.

Such a classic cut dress in a shade that can never go wrong. Two thumbs up! 
However, do take note when handling this piece during washing and ironing; I highly encourage hand wash or if using the washing machine, turn the dress inside out and gentle wash. When ironing, turn to medium heat and to iron on the beading areas, turn the dress inside out and iron gently. If you happen to have a steamer, that'll be amazing. Yeah, I probably need to invest in one! (writing that down...)

So in love with this piece and my 2 younger sisters are already booking days with me to wear this beauty out during Eid. If you would like to get one for yourself, it's available on Damaleesignatures's website today (so keep a look out!) and also during LalooLalang Bazaar on the 24-26th June. So that you'll be able to touch and feel the fabric in real life! Do remember to take a closer look at those gorgeous details!xx


Emma Rachman Haruhi Dress in Size M |  Christy Ng Heels | Forever New Clutch |

Website: Emma Rachman
Instagram: @emma.rachman
To purchase: Damaleesignatures

With Love,
Dalillah Ismail






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